Cryptocurrency Hard Learned Lessons

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Cryptocurrency Hard Learned Lessons

Hey folks

As cryptocurrency is picking up its momentum, there are sleazy two faced bastards out there taking advantage of new investors. These motherless and shameless clowns out there give you hope of becoming financially independent, where ultimately they end up getting rich as you are maxing out your credit cards, or spending your hard earned money on there elaborate scams.

Here are the bullet points of the lessons I’ve learned the hard way:

  1. DO NOT trust
  2. DO NOT trust
  3. DO NOT trust
  4. DO NOT trust USI TECH
  5. No one, absolutely no one will give you anything free of charge.
  6. Be incredibly cautious when it comes to ICO’s and shady exchanges. 90% of them are out there to screw you.

If someone had told me this 8 months ago when I first started out, I would’ve saved myself a lot of money.



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