Block xfinitywifi From Network List

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Remove xfinity Wi-Fi From Network List

I had a case not too long ago where my windows system was defaulting to xfinity wifi every time my Wi-Fi signal was lost.
Didn’t want to deal with it, and decided to remove it from my list of Wi-Fi networks.
Not to mention, in the apartment complex where I live a bunch of dumb-asses have vulgar names for their networks, thinking they are clever.  Didn’t want my friends’ kids to see idiotic names, so here is the solution I put to use to block xfinity,  and other networks.

1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator

command prompt

2. Type this in:

Of course you can block as many Wi-Fi networks as you please.
To unblock:

View a list of blocked wifi networks:

Note: ssid=”wifi name”  replace “wifi name” with a Wi-Fi name you wish to block, and that’s the end of it.

If you’d like screenshots, please refer to this link:



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