Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 13 solved

Error mounting: mount exited with exit code 13

After hours of research and configuration I discovered a solution to this problem.

I had copied all my files to the external hard drive. Formatted my drives which was followed by installing Ubuntu 12.10.

As I connected the hard drive I couldn’t retrieve the backed up files.

Every time I’d connect it I would get prompted with this message

 “Unable to mount FreeAgent GoFlex Drive” 


Step 1: Open the terminal and type in this to get the package

Step 2: Fix it

And BAM! As I connected the portable drive the window with the files opened up.


P.S. After formatting my drives I burned GParted Live partition editor on a CD which allowed me to Partition my hard drive. Pretty easy and straight forward to use. I would encourage you to have it on a CD in case of an emergency.


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